About Us

We supply a wide range of portable/field, laboratory and online water quality testing equipment as well as water purification equipment and consumables. Whether municipal or industrial solutions are required, our turnkey services are available to ensure appropriate solutions for our product portfolio. Water quality is our specialty and our team of experts work with each client to provide customized and complete solutions.


Water Chemistry and Allied Services supplies a wide range of water purification and water quality monitoring equipment and reagents to ensure access to clean portable water in the region. We are focused on making processes faster, simpler, greener and more informative through our unsurpassed customer partnerships. Water quality is something we take very seriously at Water Chemistry and Allied Services which is why we are dedicated to providing you with complete solutions that give confidence in your analysis.

Our Focus

Our focus is to ensure high quality portable water across entire processes for our customers through adequate purification and monitoring of influent, process water, drinking and waste water. We understand the need to maximize the efficiency of water systems and which parameters are key to improving aspects such as water conditioning, treatment and management for best results

Our Values

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